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Getting ready for summer with a new album!!!

May 22, 2012

Lots of exciting things coming up! This is my very first blog and I will try to keep it interesting for you all. I’ll be discussing some tiki, lounge, rockabilly, surf, country, and whatever else I have going on 😉

Summer is the perfect time for Vibes on Velvet to come up with a new album! It’ll be available in time for you to enjoy it on your patio with a cocktail (accompanied by an umbrella of course). It will be a bit different than our last album, “13 Ways to Ecstasy”, which is available at Our last album was recorded in a very simple fashion. It sounded exactly as we sound at a show: only vibes OR drums on a song (since I went back and forth for shows), no additional people or instruments, etc…I want this album (to be named shortly) to be more in depth, have layers of color and emotion that reflect the legendary exotica artists such as Martin Denny and Les Baxter.

Even though this will make it sound a little different than our live show I think it will make the recordings more pleasurable to the listener. There will still be plenty of benefits in seeing a live Vibes on Velvet show.

I am currently working on these ‘layers’ between vibraphone, xylophone, drums, and auxiliary percussion that will add a lot to the guitar and bass parts (that are already fabulous!) We may also have a few vocal tunes on there for your listening pleasure 😉

We are hoping for early July but I’ll be posting it EVERYWHERE when it’s finished, of course…there are 2 rough recordings on my page that will give you a taste of what’s to come.

Thanks everyone for their support of not only Vibes on Velvet but El Rancho Vegas, Aloha from Hell, Thighs on Vinyl, and any other groups I’ve played with. It’s greatly appreciated!

Your truly, Megan Wise



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